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Automatically Send Quick Base Notifications to Slack

Learn how to Skip the Inbox by Cracking the Webhook Code for Slack Notifications!

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Improve team communication by sending Quick Base Notifications to Slack

Check out this video on the pitfalls of sending notifications via email👇


If you're not familiar with Slack, it's a communication tool that allows you to direct message someone belonging to the same workspace or chat with a group of people via a channel.

Many companies have their own Slack workspaces to allow their employees to easily communicate, share files, gifs, and emojis.

In these same companies Slack usage is rapidly replacing email due to its much more collaborative and real-time nature.

It's the same collaborative and real-time functionality that amplifies the value of a Quick Base notification, when it's sent to a Slack channel.

Crack the Code today!

Don't spend thousands of dollars outsourcing when you can invest in developing your own skills! In just a day you'll learn what would normally take hundreds of hours to research and test.

What You'll Get With This Course

All of the following and more will be available to you when you enroll in the Cracking the Webhook Code for Slack Notifications online course.

Step-by-Step Guidance

Everything you need to successfully send notifications to a Slack channel.

Instruction that breaks down the JSON code for the message body

How-to steps for including field references and webhook markers

Tips on using User field references & parent record links in your code

Detailed instruction on the Quick Base and Slack Setup

Webhook Code Examples

Discover multiple ways to format your Slack messages

Use text styling to add interest and call out important details 

Add emojis for a little fun and added emphasis ✅

Create tables to organize information into rows and columns

Include buttons to link back to Quick Base or other locations

Do It
With Me

Create your own test webhooks using an app from the App Exchange!

You'll have the option to 'do it with me' as I demonstrate building out the webhooks in this course.

By the end of the course you will have recreated every webhook I shared.

I provide you with details on what app to get, what changes to make, and of course all the code.


Access quick references that can be used after the course

Swipe file of all the webhook code that you can copy & paste

Cheat sheet of all the Slack JSON fields and text formatting options

Quick reference for the emoji codes shared in the course 😀

Quick Base setup guide for your test Quick Base

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"Over the years I've probably received thousands of email notifications from Quick Base. And, while they can be informative, they can also be a burden.

Partly this is because they appear in my already overflowing inbox and more often than not get de-prioritized for the issues of the day.

I have to admit when webhooks first came out, I wasn't too keen on learning them. It seemed like a huge task to overcome learning a new language like JSON or XML.

But when I discovered that they could be used to send notifications to Slack and skip the inbox, I had to find out how.

Learning a new language is never easy, but I pushed on researching & testing (and testing some more).

Once I cracked the code I could write a webhook message like nobody's business, and my inbox thanked me. 

My only wish is that I would have had the opportunity to implement them on a wider scale sooner.

Now I help others get over their fear of webhooks and learn how to write them for Slack messages in record time!"

Sharon Faust
Expert Builder | Instructor | Founder
of Quick Base Junkie

Sample Videos

Below are several excerpts from videos in the Cracking the Webhook Code for Slack Notificatons course.


Cracking the Webhook Code for Slack Notifications - Course Outline

In this course, you'll master the Webhook for Slack Notifications and improve your team communication!

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"Your website & instructional videos have been instrumental in my journey through Quick Base app development. The first video I watched was about customizing rich text fields, I think it's called something like "wow you can do that with a rich text field?". I was hooked after that. Quick Base Junkie is a lifesaver - Thank you so much for the work you do!"


"Trust me I have watched many videos from your website. "


"I discovered your channel some months back. Wish a channel like yours existed when I started working with Quickbase last year lol ... A great resource for people just getting started with QB and even those who need a quick refresher. I'll be sure to recommend your channel to anyone I know that works with QB and is looking for well crafted tutorials :D"


"I’ve been looking at your website and appreciate all the great content you have available there! I also just subscribed to your mailing list and look forward to getting your emails and learning new tricks."


"I love your website, it seems like a great reference for new and experienced users... I've bookmarked your site and I'm looking forward to using it as a reference regularly!"


Frequently Asked Questions

Select a course to learn more:

For info on all courses, including those coming soon, visit: https://quickbasejunkie.com/training

I know it's possible to learn all the information contained in this course in other ways. That's how I did it. But it's an understatement to say was hard and time-consuming.

What I've done with this course is take all that information, knowledge, and experience and package it up.

I've consolidated the documentation from both Quick Base and Slack into one concise resource that will save you boatloads of time.

In addition, this course is rich with features not offered anywhere else!

  • Videos
  • Downloads
  • Assessments
  • Quizzes
  • Examples that can be replicated using an app from the App Exchange
  • Save / Resume Progress
  • Search for key terms
  • Troubleshooting Guide
  • Answers to FAQs
  • Closed Captioning
  • Completion Certificate

These features seamlessly work together to enable you to learn how to write webhooks for Slack notifications FAST!

This course is for:

  • Anyone who has the role "Administrator" in a Quick Base app.
  • Anyone who has the ability to build, create, or develop in their Quick Base apps.
  • Quick Base Account Admins.


  • A Slack workspace where your notifications will be sent.
  • Ability to add an incoming webhook to your Slack account OR the ability to work with someone who does (ie your Slack admin).
  • General experience building apps (ie adding tables, fields, & relationships).
  • A basic understanding of writing formulas.

This course contains:

  • An overview of webhook notifications for Slack
  • The Quick Base setup for Slack notifications
  • The Slack setup for incoming webhooks
  • 8 different ways to format text for maximum impact
  • 41 emoji codes to add visual cues and increase engagement
  • Step-by-step code building for 3 different messages each presented 3 different ways
  • A detailed breakdown of how to use Slack's attachment field to organize text and include link buttons
  • 3 options for button styling to signal default, primary, and destructive paths
  • 4 ways to add color to help your messages stand out
  • Multi-record messages using a dual webhook method for when multiple records are added, deleted, or modified at the same time


  • The option to download an app from the App Exchange to replicate all code demonstrations
  • Common errors to avoid and troubleshooting steps
  • PDF reference sheet of Slack fields and formatting codes
  • Downloadable swipe files of all demonstrated code
  • Quizzes to reinforce key concepts

Webhooks can be built to interface with a great many different applications. This course teaches how to build them to specifically send notifications to a Slack channel as a message. It is not intended to teach webhooks in general. The only exception is the lesson on Multi Record Actions where I do teach a bit on creating a Quick Base to Quick Base webhook using XML. 

I teach the JSON necessary to build out the message body for your incoming Slack webhook, however this course is not intended to teach everything there is to know about coding in JSON.

In this course I cover how to use the Slack fields that you'll most likely need for your notification messages. However, there are other Slack fields that will not be covered. Where to find information on them is included in the course's FAQ section.

This course includes sections for Troubleshooting and answers to FAQs. I will do my best to answer questions you have about implementing the webhooks taught in this course, however I will not be able to troubleshoot your formulas for you.


Once your purchase is complete you will be asked to set up a Quick Base Junkie account and will get immediate access to the course.

All courses are hosted online and are accessible by logging into your Quick Base Junkie account anytime. 

This course consists of:

  • Videos
  • Quizes & Assessments
  • Quick Base Setup
  • Slack Setup
  • The option to recreate all demonstrations using an app from the App Exchange

The total video time is 1.5 hrs.

With the additional time for quizzes/assessments, Quick Base Setup, Slack Setup, and recreating the demonstrations I suggest planning for 1-2 full days to complete the course.

Of course, you may choose to take longer if needed. All of your progress is automatically saved and can be accessed anytime.

Yes! I've added Closed Captioning to all of my videos.

Closed Captioning is great if you are hearing impaired or if English is not your native language.

And, it is also great if you are a visual learner.

PLUS: You can search the videos for key terms using the CC menu!

Yes! I offer discounts for teams and non-profits.

Please contact me with the number of people on your team and which courses you're interested in purchasing.

[email protected]

I know you won't be disappointed with this course.

If for some reason the videos, quizzes, and downloads are not what you expected, you can request a full refund within 30 days.

No. Quick Base Junkie and Quick Base have no formal connections.

I love their product and use my expertise to enable builders to get the most from the apps they create.

Still have questions?



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