I understand that the videos in this course utilize the classic Quickbase interface (pre 2023) which does not include the newer navigation, forms, or dashboards. These new interface features do not impact the central topic of this course and can be "turned off" to facilitate following along if necessary.

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Secrets of API Buttons for Quickbase

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What Builders Are Saying:

Secrets of API Buttons

This course outlines really well what and how an API button works!
—Marinna P.

Secrets of API Buttons

I like the way the course is structured starting from basic info combined with clear examples at the end. This course also walks you through how it is actually done in a form. I particularly liked the ability to hide or show buttons in a report.
—Robertson R.

Secrets of API Buttons

Fantastic course. Tremendously useful.
—Ryan O.

Secrets of API Buttons

This course is a very well explained series of lessons. For beginners, this course is perfect, as it starts with the definition of an API, its components, working your way up to real life scenarios. Even if you already know about the concept of APIs, the use case scenarios and examples are worth having the course handy, as well as all the shortcuts and references you get out of it.
—George K.

Secrets of API Buttons

The secrets of API buttons course moved me from having no knowledge about how APIs can work with Quickbase to successfully using API buttons to enhance efficiency and productivity. 5 Stars on the content and design of this course!
—Allan H.

Secrets of API Buttons

Really great stuff!
—Stephen C.

Secrets of API Buttons

If you're a Quickbase builder with apps that are very complex with many tables and relationships plus lots of different user roles, API buttons are exactly what you need to take your apps to the next level. I really liked how this course started out explaining the components of API buttons for beginners, and then showed many different use cases that I was able to replicate on my own. Plus, the swipe file that's included will prove extremely valuable when you're looking for inspiration to create your own buttons!
—Jaime P.


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