Please scroll/read through all of the terms below before completing your purchase.

If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected].

A copy of these terms will be provided in your Welcome email.


Mentoring sessions are to begin within 30 days of purchase and be used within 90 days of the first session.

Mentoring sessions may be used for training, brainstorming, troubleshooting, designing, or joint in app development.

Sessions may not be used for group training or solo development time.

If an urgent issue arises where I may be of assistance, I will do my best to support. However, a quick response should not be relied upon.

Sessions may be recorded for individual use, but may not be shared or distributed publicly.

A link to the session booking page/calendar will be provided upon payment in the Welcome email. All sessions will take place over a Zoom meeting, unless other arrangements are made. 

Generally, sessions can be booked Tuesdays - Thursdays 10 am - 3 pm Pacific based on availability. Sessions may be booked up to 2 weeks in advance. Some exceptions may be made if requested in advance.

24-hour notice should be given for any cancellation or reschedule. No showing a scheduled meeting without prior notice will result in the use of a session.

Sessions are generally expected to occur once per week. Large deviations to this cadence may result in the forfeiture of some sessions (ie if half the sessions remain in the final week there may not be availability to support them).

Between sessions, questions may be asked via email. Videos may be included if under 5 mins in length. If a question is better suited to Quickbase Support the response will indicate this. If a response requires more information or demonstration it may be deferred to an upcoming one-on-one session. Email response times will vary depending on availability and complexity of the question.

All Courses /Tools

I understand that the videos in the courses utilize the classic Quickbase interface (pre 2023) which does not include the newer navigation, forms, or dashboards. These new interface features do not impact the central topics of the courses and can be "turned off" to facilitate following along if necessary.

Permanent access to all currently available courses and tools will begin immediately following purchase. 

This includes:

  • Unlimited online access.
  • Potential updates, edits, or additions to the course.
  • Special offers only available to course students. 


If there is a need to transfer the Mentorship & All Courses/Tools from one individual to another (such as if an employee leaves the company in the middle of the mentorship). A one-time transfer will be permitted during the mentorship period. Any remaining mentoring sessions may be used by the new individual and they will also be granted access to the courses/tools. The prior individual's course/tool access will be terminated.

Refunds may be requested for any reason up to 24 hours prior to the first scheduled 1-hour one-on-one session. If a refund is granted, all bookings will be canceled and access to any courses/tools will be removed.

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3 Month Mentorship + All Courses/Tools

If you have an existing account, please login prior to purchasing.

Mentoring with Sharon Faust Includes:

  • Get to Know You Session via a 30-minute Zoom meeting
  • 10 1-hour One-on-One Sessions via Zoom meeting
  • Email between sessions

All Courses/Tools Includes:

  • Demystifying the Relationship
  • Mastering the Text Formula
  • The Button Masterclass with Button Starter tool
  • Secrets of API Buttons
  • HTML Formula Crash Course
  • The Super Fast HTML Converter Tool
  • Intro to Jinja for Pipelines

With the 3-Month Mentoring Package, you get instant access to the courses & tools listed above, which include:

  • Online access anytime so you can learn when it's convenient for you
  • Step-by-step video demonstrations to show you EXACTLY how it's done
  • Sample datasets & practice apps to help lock in the lessons
  • Swipe files that you can easily copy formulas from
  • Cheat sheets on key topics for quick reference
  • Amazing bonus lessons that amplify your skills
  • Completion certificates when you finish each course
  • PLUS: All-Access Exclusive Benefits
  • Access to any new courses/tools released during the 90 day period
  • Opportunities to review and test new resources and courses before they're released to the public

After purchase, you will have immediate access to all course materials and tools PLUS booking links for your mentoring sessions.

Important Notes:

Please read the terms (available in the payment section of this page) for more details and specifics.




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