I understand that the videos in this course utilize the classic Quickbase interface (pre 2023) which does not include the newer navigation, forms, or dashboards. These new interface features do not impact the central topic of this course and can be "turned off" to facilitate following along if necessary.

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Demystifying the Relationship

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What Builders Are Saying:

Demystifying the Relationship

This course goes beyond what you might learn in the QuickBase training videos and brings it all together into a more concise and practical format.
—Tamera B.

Demystifying the Relationship

This course helped explain the differences between proxy, reference and lookup fields, as well as snapshot fields which I have never used before simply because I wasn't sure what exactly it meant. I also appreciated the guidelines for deleting tables and relationships when it comes to the cleanup involved afterwards. These are things I've learned the hard way over the years so it was nice to see this laid out in a best practices manner.
—Jaime P.

Demystifying the Relationship

That is a great course to take if you are looking to get a better understanding on relationships. It is explained in simple terms, with clear demonstrations of each of the procedures involved. Highly recommend it!
—George K.

Demystifying the Relationship

This course helped me understand the complexities of table relationships. I feel more confident in my ability to create and maintain table relationships in Quickbase.
—Allan H.

Demystifying the Relationship

It's very informative, and I like that there are real-life examples shown.
—Athena C.



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