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The Playbook Includes:


Getting Started

Answers to your most burning questions like "What are Query Formulas?" and "What can Query Formulas do?".


Query Writing Basics

A breakdown of the components that make up the Query part of the Query Formula.


Query Functions

A guide to the 5 different functions that make up the Query Formula family of functions.


Use Cases & Examples

Links to multiple videos demonstrating the different Query Formula functions plus copies of the formulas from the videos!


Query Operators

A quick reference sheet of the most common query operators for use in your queries.


Relative Date References

A quick reference sheet of the most common relative date references for use in your queries.


Best Practices

A few best practices from Quickbase and myself to help you with your formulas.


Additional Tips

Some additional learnings based on my experience building Query Formulas.



Answers to the questions I see the most often regarding Formula Queries.

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