The Action Button Toolbox

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What Can Action Buttons Do?

Record Navigation

Record Navigation

Open a record on a different form
Add a new record on a different table
Open the print window for a record
Open a parent record in edit mode
View a record from another table

App Navigation

App Navigation

Open a report based on form selections
Open the app's dashboard
Open a rich text page with instructions 
Shortcut access to the Import page
& Sign-out users

Data Interaction

Data Interaction

Dynamically populate fields on a new record
Edit multiple fields in one button click
Edit a record on a different table
Copy an existing record to create a new record
Conditionally delete a record

This toolbox covers Record and App Navigation and touches on Data Interaction.
The Quick Base Junkie course, Secrets of API Buttons covers Data Interaction and includes an entire toolbox specifically for API Buttons.

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How do Action Buttons Work?

If you've ever noticed a ?a= in the URL/address bar while working in Quickbase, you've witnessed an action!

What comes after that action prompt is the action. Sometimes it's as simple as "nwr", which you'll see when you add a new record. Other times it can look a little overwhelming, such as "API_GenAddRecordForm&_fid_ 48=6&z=f7j" (or similar), which you see when you add a child record to a parent.

The key to tapping into these actions is knowing what they are and how to construct the URL string.

This toolbox of actions for buttons (or links) in Quickbase will help you do just that!

Looking for in-depth coverage on API Actions?

What's in the Toolbox?


Steps to Create Action Buttons


Basic Action Button Format


Action Button Examples


44 Different Actions


9 Different URL Components


Tips & Troubleshooting Steps

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