Never get frustrated by dates in Pipelines again!

12 Jinja Functions for Pipelines

+6 Locations for Using Jinja

Download the Cheat Sheet and get instant access to the most useful Jinja date & time functions for Quickbase Pipelines.

PLUS: A guide to where to use Jinja in your Pipelines.

Jinja Date & Time Cheat Sheet for Quickbase Pipelines

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  • Today & Now:
    Access values for 'today' and 'now' in your Pipelines to populate fields or use in queries.
  • Time Zone:
    Adjust the default UTC time zone to any time zone.
  • Date/Time to Date:
    Convert date/time fields to date for use in fields, queries, and expressions
  • Adjust Dates:
    Change a date's day, month, or year.
  • Date/Time to Text:
    Custom format dates and times in text.
  • Date Parts:
    Extract the hour, day, month, etc from any date.

When I first started working with Quickbase Pipelines, using and setting dates had to be THE most frustrating thing I encountered.

For example, using 'today' in a query or adjusting a date to the first of the month.

That's when I dove into learning Jinja (the programming language of Pipelines) and started documenting useful Jinja functions and templates.

Now with Jinja, I can solve these date issues and MORE (and so can YOU)!