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  • Build Custom Apps
  • Optimize Existing Apps
  • Create Reports, Dashboards, & Insights
  • Automate Tasks & Workflows
  • Add Integrations with External Applications
  • Prep, Scrub, & Validate Data Imports
  • Provide Administration & Maintenance
  • Perform Training & Documentation
  • And Much More!
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Are you feeling time constrained, resource short, or frustrated? If so, my Expert Network and I are here to help.

Barb Pohner
President and Partner, Knovo

"Sharon connected me with a team of Experts who immediately reached out, understood our requirements, and proceeded to build the application we need to run our business efficiently. Thank you for the referral!"

Quick Base Junkie Expert Network
Sharon Faust, Quick Base Expert

Who is Quick Base Junkie?

Hi, I'm Sharon Faust, Certified Quickbase Expert and Process Improvement Master with over a decade of Quickbase experience.

As the creator of, I've been dedicated to helping Quickbase builders learn fast and deliver more through how-to videos, resources, online training, and consulting.

With a deep understanding of Quickbase, workflow optimization, and user experience design, I've helped thousands of individuals and companies get the most out of their Quickbase apps.

Sharon Faust, Quickbase Expert
Quick Base Junkie Expert Network

How can Sharon can help your business?

As demand for my expertise grew, I realized I couldn't meet the needs of everyone on my own.

Rather than saying "no" to those in desperate need of Quickbase support, I created the Quick Base Junkie Expert Network – a hand-picked team of independent developers and development companies that share my passion and expertise.

Using my experience assisting all types of businesses with Quickbase, I'll match you with your perfect person – giving you peace of mind that your needs will be met quickly and without a fuss!

Quick Base Junkie Expert Network
Quick Base Junkie Expert Network

Who is in the Quick Base Junkie Expert Network?

The Quick Base Junkie Expert Network is made up of two types of incredible Quickbase developers:

  • Tenacious independent developers with decades of experience and an eye for detail who also look at the big picture and often go the extra mile doing what they enjoy most!
  • Flexible development teams who offer a wealth of diverse expertise for tricky projects that extend beyond native Quickbase plus the additional capacity and expertise for BIG projects.

Whether you're looking for help with something simple or complex, you can trust that I will match you to the right expert who will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Don't wait, connect with your Quick Base Junkie Expert today and start achieving more with Quickbase!

Quick Base Junkie Expert Network
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Dave Malone
President, McDonald Schafer

"Quick Base is our firm’s primary database for all the client work we do. Although we build a lot of it ourselves, there came a point when our 'self-taught' talent was not enough. We reached out to Sharon for recommendations she could make.

She connected us to a fantastic Quickbase developer that has helped us out time and again, including some complex tech and process challenges.

We are grateful to Sharon for making this referral or we would have spent hours and even days searching, finding, evaluating and trying different sources to fill this need. She completely streamlined our search!"

Marc Packard
CEO, Sarvicus

"When our company had a challenging Quickbooks integration need, Sharon matched us with a developer that met our needs perfectly.

With her expertise, she was able to find a developer that could meet the technical challenges, but also could meet the company's expectations (time, requirements, and budget).

She saved me valuable time by eliminating the need to search for someone capable of assisting us with specific requirements.

Our project was a huge success, and Sharon was tremendous."

Pre-Packaged Quickbase Services

Take advantage of these frequently requested services available from the Quick Base Junkie Expert Network to help you streamline processes, improve productivity and drive better business results.

Below are a few examples of what's available. Services are not limited to those listed here.

If you're interested in any of these services, please be sure to mention them.

Management Dashboards

Upgrade your business performance with powerful dashboards

Our experts can integrate Quickbase with leading data visualization tools like Tableau and Power BI, streamlining data transfer and simplifying access.

With Quickbase Management Dashboards, teams can see their impact on the organization in real-time, and make data-driven decisions that drive success.

Don't miss this opportunity to empower your team and drive better business results.

Tell us about your dashboard project today.

Accounting Integration

Elevate your business efficiency with a Quickbase-QuickBooks integration

Our experts will set up a seamless sync of customers, items, estimates, invoices, bills, and more between platforms.

With this integration for either QuickBooks Online (QBO) or QuickBooks Desktop, teams can manage their workflow end-to-end without double entry or costly mistakes.

Take advantage of this integration to give your team the tools they need to achieve improved business outcomes.

Tell us about your Quickbase-QuickBooks integration project today.

Data Scrub, Prep, & Import

Unlock the full potential of your existing data with our expert assistance

Our experts will ensure that external data brought into Quickbase is accurate, comprehensive, and easily accessible.

We take the time to review, clean, and load your data, and even work with you to define key terms and fill in any gaps.

With our help, you can achieve high user adoption, reliable reports & dashboards, and be recognized as a true data hero.

Don't let poor data quality hold you back, tell us about your data project today.

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Robert McEaney
Sr Manager of Expert Development, Intuit

"We were running out of bandwidth to complete a Content Management app we started some time ago. The connection Sharon made allowed us to breathe new life into the project and get it moving again. The developer she recommended was a great fit and brought a lot of new ideas to the project."

Rapid Deployment Apps

Pre-built Quickbase applications from the Quick Base Junkie Expert Network are designed to deliver immediate value and can be customized to fit your unique needs.

Rapid Deployment Apps are not limited to those listed here.

Let me know what you're looking for if you don't see it!

Track Time

Maximize your team's productivity and profitability with the Time Tracker Quickbase app.

Effortlessly track time by client and project with the Time Tracker app.

  • View monthly calendars
  • Add entries with just a few clicks
  • Enter time sheets individually or in bulk
  • See real-time project profitability
  • Set automatic warnings for exceeding time limits
  • Add notes, expenses, and receipts to entries
  • Integrate with project and case management systems
  • Connect with your accounting system

Save time and money with the Time Tracker app.

Manage Complex Projects

Manage customers, projects, budgets, staff, and time with ease.

Streamline your project management with Project Master Suite, the all-in-one Quickbase app.

  • Easily track who's doing what
  • Monitor project costs
  • View interactive Gantt charts
  • Reassign resources with drag-and-drop tools
  • Staff can enter time from any device
  • Costs and status of tasks are updated in real-time
  • Quickly generate professional progress reports

Stay on top of your resources today and plan for future needs with Project Master Suite.

Connect Data

Stay current on the health of your business and present data in a variety of visual formats.

Connect the dots across silos of data with the Quickbase and Tableau/Power BI integration.

  • Create table reports in Quickbase utilizing external data
  • Customize data displays
  • Filter and update with precision
  • Drill-down for detailed information
  • Schedule automatic updates
  • Create scheduled reports

Upgrade your data analysis and decision-making process with the Quickbase and Tableau/Power BI integration.

Plan Ahead

Cut costs and increase profit with easy access to accurate financial data.

Elevate your financial forecasting with the Budget and Forecasting app.

  • Manage your budget in real-time
  • Simplify the budgeting process
  • Create better forecasts
  • Reduce staff time and frustration
  • Enable financial reporting and revising forecasts
  • Deliver summary data by business segment
  • Adapt easily to evolving business requirements

Make your forecast bright with the Budget and Forecasting app.

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Quick Base Junkie Expert Network

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