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Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Base Junkie does not currently offer Premium Courses for beginners. However, we do have many short how-to posts for beginners on the Quick Base Junkie Blog here.

I'd also love to hear from you about what types of online training you'd like me to add in the future. You can share your thoughts here.

Yes, if you're looking for custom virtual or onsite training for a team, please use the form above to contact me.

It's helpful if you include the approximate number of students, your time frame, and the skill level and topics you're interested in.

Yes, I provide consulting and/or development services for a limited number of clients each year. 

  • Consulting: I provide ideas, strategies, and methods to achieve your desired results with Quick Base. You execute the changes in Quick Base.
  • Development: I develop and execute a strategy to achieve your desired results with Quick Base.
  • Co-development: We work together to build a custom solution to achieve your desired results. This is similar to 1-on-1 training as I share the what, why, and how behind what I'm building for you.

If you are in need of these types of services please use the form above to contact me.

It's helpful if you include what type of work you're looking for, your time frame, and if you are already a Quick Base customer or if you are looking to begin using Quick Base.

It depends.

I believe, the basics of building a Quick Base app can be learned by anyone with an aptitude for new technology.

Quick Base offers a number of lessons on how to get started.

However, it can take time to get up to speed and build robust apps for your business.

And depending on your specific business needs, your apps may require more advanced skills to achieve your desired workflow and results.


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