The Button Masterclass

Why create plain buttons when you can create AMAZING buttons!
Learn to create dynamic colorful custom buttons using rich text formulas and a little HTML.

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The Power of Rich Text Formulas for Custom Buttons
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Buy Now $197

What Builders Say About The Button Masterclass

George K.


If you want some serious gems on building buttons, this is the course to take!

Once you learn these tricks, you also gain a basic understanding on how to build the buttons, and begin to get creative in other ways using buttons to extend your apps!

Mark P.


[What are you most excited about?] Better understanding of additional capabilities I did not have a good understanding.

Daniel F.


I am excited to get creative on the appearance and functions of my future buttons.

This class was worth every penny.

Myra C.


It is great to see all the things you can do outside the "normal" quickbase application functionality!

Having taken The HTML Crash Course before this course, I am happy to see that order doesn't matter too much in Sharon's courses.

She is thorough in each topic and clearly follows the course guidelines at the front of each class.