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3-Month Mentoring Package

Access to All Quick Base Junkie Courses PLUS 1-on-1 Mentoring with Sharon Faust!

The Perfect Combination of Training and Application

What could be better than access to every Quick Base Junkie course & tool?

Access to every course & tool plus mentoring from the "Quick Base Junkie" herself!

Sharon Faust, Quickbase Expert

With the 3-Month Mentoring Package, you get:

Immediate access to EVERY Quick Base Junkie Course and Tool

+ 10 private 1-hour mentoring sessions

But, that's not all.

You'll share your mentoring goals in an initial "get to know you" session.

And between mentoring sessions, you get direct email access.

ALL with the most well-known Quickbase expert!

How cool is that!

Limited mentoring packages are available to ensure VIP treatment.

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Mentoring Package Details

World-Class Training

Immediate access to all Quick Base Junkie courses & tools. Visit the MEGA Bundle page for details.

  • Demystifying the Relationship
  • Mastering the Text Formula
  • The Button Masterclass with Button Starter tool
  • Secrets of API Buttons
  • HTML Formula Crash Course
  • Super Fast HTML Formula Converter Tool
  • Intro to Jinja for Pipelines

Get To Know You Session

A half-hour session over Zoom to understand your unique goals and needs. Some of what we'll discuss:

  • Current experience level
  • Mentoring goals
  • Business overview
  • Mentoring schedule

1:1 Mentoring Sessions

Ten 1-hour mentoring sessions over Zoom with the "Quick Base Junkie" herself, Sharon Faust.

  • Address questions arising from course content
  • Discuss application to business cases
  • Troubleshoot issues and resolve errors
  • Receive ad hoc training to fill specific gaps
  • Strategize on future app and workflow development

Direct Access to Sharon

Between mentoring sessions, you'll also get direct access to Sharon via email.

Have a quick question about a course or topic we've discussed? Shoot me an email.

Need a second pair of eyes on a formula that isn't quite working? Shoot me an email.

Want to show off a formula, strategy, or other accomplishment? Shoot me an email.

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Get to Know Sharon Faust


Hey there!

I'm a Quickbase Expert, Process Improvement Master, User Experience Designer and...

The Quick Base Junkie behind

It's been over 10 years since I was first introduced to Quickbase and for the past six years, I've been sharing my expertise to help Quickbase builders Learn FAST and Deliver MORE!

When I'm not working on all things Quick Base Junkie, you'll find me enjoying craft brews 🍻 with my husband ❤️ and working on projects around the house 🛠🏡.

"It is enjoyable when you find someone that truly has a passion for what they do every day.

I originally met Sharon via Quick Base Junkie Youtube videos. There is truly a need for innovative Quickbase tips and tricks without digging through endless forums. Her videos were extremely beneficial and I subscribed to the channel. Then, I went to the website and found more useful content with her courses.

Her courses are mixed just right. They get to the good stuff quickly, she explains what and how it works and has a little humor sprinkled in. Since she was 2 for 2, I decided to contact her for consulting for our business. She listened (listened some more), asked questions, and produced workflows that have saved my team countless hours.

Sharon is by far the easiest consultant I have dealt with in my 30+ years of IT. She is intelligent, witty, professional, and just has a passion that is infectious. I wish she could be duplicated. The Quickbase Community needs more Sharon's.

We are still a customer and she continues to innovate based on our organization's needs. In Texas, we call folks like her "Good people". If you get a chance to meet or work with Sharon, you won't regret it."

 Marc, CEO

"I am currently working with Sharon, and have been for a little while. She is EXTREMELY patient, kind, and knowledgable.

I love that she will either teach me how to do something in real time using my app (not a teaching app) or do it for me if I need to make sure it is right and I want to watch how she does it vs me doing it.

She is always willing to look into things if she doesn't know the answer, and she is always willing to take the time to figure out my very complex ideas for our businesses.

I am beyond impressed with Quick Base Junkie!"

 Jennifer, Vice President

"I highly recommend utilizing both Sharon's Quickbase courses as well as her consulting business.

She has a masterful knowledge of Quickbase and has answers for most everything you would want to know in her offered courses.

And, she continues to create more courses regularly on subjects that matter most. I love it!"

 Vaughn, Sales & Marketing Account Manager \ IT

"I am fairly new to Quickbase and Sharon has made it incredibly easy for me to get both the simple and complex functions of my system completed.

She has wonderful Youtube videos and there are so many of them often times she tells me that she already has a video for the items that I am looking to do.

She is also an incredibly easy person to work with on a screen share, she takes my continuous requests in stride and visually can see what I am talking about when I am describing something that is sophomoric.

Overall if you are in need of a solution to other expensive CRMS that are out there I highly recommend Quickbase, and Sharon's oversight will put you in the driver's seat to create your own masterpiece!"

 Ben, CEO

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