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What Builders Say About Quick Base Junkie Courses

Rick Putnam

Technical Lead


I’ve been planning to write to say that the course [Secrets of API Buttons] was very helpful. I also want to say that it is very well-designed and presented and then supported with the cheat sheets, etc. Very valuable.

I’m an experienced software developer but new to Quick Base. I was hoping the course would give me new insights and understanding for solving common application workflow and design patterns. It certainly did that and more.

Thanks again for the great course.

Vaughn Wilkes

IT Projects


In my career have worked with more object database development. However, when I realized that I would need more coding experience to make my QuickBase applications more fully automated and functional, I looked for help. That is when I found Sharon!

I was especially struggling with some PIPELINE coding but through the information in the “Intro to Jinja for Pipelines” course I was able to enhance my Pipeline objects and get them running properly.

The way Sharon has organized and developed her course content is amazing. It is easy to follow and understand. You will be mastering QuickBase in no time!

Bob Sturgeon

Implementation Consultant


5/5 Stars! This course [HTML Formula Crash Course] starts with the basics and takes you through some fairly complex formulas - all in an easy to follow structure.

Even with the most basic topics I was familiar with, there were tips and tricks that will make life easier.

The topics build on each other with numerous examples and show a progression to beautiful finished products.

Highly recommended - wish I would have done this sooner!

Brian Cameron

Quick Base Developer – Certified Expert Builder


Sharon creates learning tools that are so valuable.

She guides you through her instructional videos so well that it's easy to grasp and apply what she teaches.

Whether you are new to Quickbase or a builder with some experience under your belt, you will find Sharon's learning tools worth every penny.

Melissa A. Freel

Director, Quality and Administration


I have never used this type of coding, my background has been in VB/Access.

Before this course [Secrets of API Buttons] the coding was not clear at all.

Now that I have this information, I can interpret the coding much easier.


Dave McFadyen

Business Coach


As a Business Coach, part of my job is to bring solutions to my clients. For 10 years, QuickBase has been one of those solutions.

After taking Sharon’s “Secrets of API Buttons” and “The Power of Rich Text Formulas” courses, my ability to help my clients with QuickBase has just soared! The process and workflow improvements I can make are numerous and, thanks to Sharon’s courses, very easy to execute.

She explains things very well and uses real world examples that make the functionality easier to understand. I recommend that anyone who wants to get better in these areas sign up for Sharon’s courses now.