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5 Old to New Dashboard Navigation Tips for Quickbase

beginner dashboards how to intermediate Jul 06, 2022

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Creating navigation between the 'old' style Home Pages and the 'new' Dashboards can be a pain.

The options are different, not all pages are available where you'd expect them, and links don't always go where you want them to!

After working with Dashboards for a while now, I've identified 5 tips for creating buttons that will eliminate the struggle.



 Tip #1: Consider linking to the main app "URL" vs a page

When you add a button to a Dashboard using the option to Open a Page, it will navigate the user to that page directly.

However, in some scenarios, you may want to take them to their user/role-specific homepage.

In that case, select the option to Open a Link and enter the app's main URL, such as (this is the URL anytime you're on the app's Home page).


 Tip #2: Use the URL to link a Home Page to a Dashboard

When you add a button to a Home Page and select to add a Page, Dashboard style pages do not appear in the dropdown.

To link the button to a Dashboard page, select the URL option instead.

The URL for the Dashboard page can be obtained using the Share Dashboard icon in the upper right corner of the dashboard.


 Tip #3: Dashboard share links are tab specific

Use caution when copying a share link.

If your Dashboard has multiple tabs, make sure to copy the link from the tab you wish to share.


 Tip #4: Remove the tab ID from the link to always go to the first tab

If you want to be sure a link/button always goes to the first tab in a Dashboard, you can remove the tab ID from the share link's URL.

In the URL example below, you would omit the red text to remove the tab ID. Be sure to include the forward slash as well.


 Tip #5: Add buttons to specific tabs for easy navigation

Since the share links are tab-specific, adding buttons to specific tabs can benefit user navigation.

To add them to a Dashboard, choose the button option to Open a Link.

To add them to a Home Page, choose the button option for a URL.




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