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Quickbase Empower 2022 Update with Special Guests

empower quickbase builder Apr 04, 2022

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The incredible people at Quickbase invited me to participate in a LinkedIn livestream to talk about the upcoming #Empower2022 event.

This year's theme: Build Your Career, Build Your Community, Build Your World

Build your Career. Grow your skills in hands-on sessions that will help you turn complex projects into career changing opportunities

Build your Community. Expand your network of industry peers to share your insight and connect with others building the future

Build your World. Get inspired hearing the stories of other community members adapting to change wherever and whenever it comes

Regardless if you are thinking about getting Quickbase, are new to Quickbase, or are a seasoned Quickbase pro...

There are always so many things to Learn, Share, & See at Empower!

PS I show up after the 6.5 min intro 😜

Virtual Empower will be held on May 10-11 and is free for all to attend.

Register today:

Thank you, 
Eric Olson, Evan MartinezRyan Murray, James Boye-Doe, and Nick LaFleur for allowing me to crash your party 🥳


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