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Got big projects? Get the Gantt Chart Plugin for Quickbase

applications how to intermediate plugins Jan 30, 2023

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Quickbase Gantt Charts just got a BIG upgrade!

Gantt charts (or Timeline reports as they're called in Quickbase) are a type of project management tool that is used to visualize the timeline and progress of tasks within a project.

They display tasks as horizontal bars along a timeline, with the length of the bar representing the duration of the task.

While the timeline report is still an option in all apps, there is now a new, more powerful interactive Gantt plugin available to Business and Enterprise accounts (along with Builder Accounts).

Follow along as I walk through the steps to set up the new Gantt Plugin.

Be sure to check out the resources below for links to more useful information.




 Step #1: Download the Gantt App

The Gantt Plugin is designed to work with a specific set of tables and fields. While it is possible to add these fields to an existing app, you can also use a pre-built app from the App Exchange with all the necessary tables and fields already added.

  • From the My Apps page, click on Exchange. Note, some accounts may have limited access to the exchange. If you cannot find the exchange speak to your Quickbase realm admin.
  • Search the Exchange for "Gantt"
  • On the Quickbase Gantt Template App, click on Get this app


 Step #2: Enable Plugin Permissions

Before using any plugin, the plugin permissions must be enabled through the Admin Console.

  • Open the Admin Console from the My Apps page (or from the menu under your name in the upper right corner) by selecting "manage company".
  • Click on Permissions on the left side of the screen
  • Select All users can install and Edit plugins under the Plugins section


 Step #3: Install the Plugin

Once you've enabled the plugin permissions the plugin can be installed.

  • Open the app where you want to install the plugin (likely the Gantt app downloaded from the exchange). This app will need to have the specific tables and fields outlined in this reference document.
  • Open the App Settings
  • Open Plugins from the bottom right of the app settings screen
  • On the Gantt plugin, click on Install plugin. Note, if you see a message about permissions and have just enabled the plugin permissions, give it a minute to process.
  • On the "Step 1" screen, name the plugin, give it a description, and acknowledge that the installation requirements have been met.
  • On the "Step 2" screen, in each section choose the corresponding table from the dropdown menu. If you are using the Gantt app from the exchange the field values will automatically be selected.
  • Once finished, click on Save
  • You can now close the window




Step #4: Launch the Plugin

Now that the plugin is installed let's take a look!

  • Open the Projects table in your app
  • Open a project
  • Select the "Admin" tab
  • Click on the link for Qb Plugin-Launch Gantt under the Developer section
  • You can now begin exploring the new Gantt chart!



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