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Go to Records with URL Buttons in Quickbase

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Did you know you can use the URL-Formula field as a button to navigate through your Quickbase?

😱 I know right!

Using the Formula-URL field as a button on your forms to "go to" another record can help solve a lot of unnecessary navigation pains.

For example, the button can easily allow a user to "go to"...

  • The same record in edit mode
  • The same record on a different form 👈THIS IS A FANTASTIC USE!
  • The next sequential record
  • A child record's parent record

In the Secrets of API Buttons for Quickbase course, I teach you, step-by-step, how to do just that!


This tutorial is a sneak peek into a lesson in the Secrets of API Buttons training where I walk you through how to set up Navigational Handlers that can be used as part of an API button or on their own.

It is one of many lessons I walk you through, step-by-step, the scenario, setup, formula, and live demonstration of a Quickbase API Button in ACTION (not to mention all the training and resources to build your own API buttons from scratch)!!


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