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How to log name & date on notes fields in Quickbase

beginner fields forms how to Oct 03, 2018

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Notes, comments, activity logs, etc. are all great for allowing users to annotate records with important details. However, things can get a little confusing when you don't know who made a comment or when it was made. On top of that when historical comments are deleted, modified, or otherwise manipulated, it can cause all sorts of problems.

If you have these types of multi-line text fields in your Quickbase and don't have log entries turned on, you'll want to change that now!

  • Notes
  • Comments
  • History
  • Issue
  • Log

To begin logging the name and date/time for your notes fields you'll need to:

  1. Open the field's properties
  2. Click the box for "Log the edits to this field, and show them on forms"
  3. Select the options you want & save

AND if you do have them turned on, I have steps on how to make edits to historical entries if necessary (and absolutely essential).

After this, there will be no more wondering who put that note there!

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 See the video transcript

FROM THE TUTORIAL: "...I'm going to jump over to the time cards to show you an example of the problem. Looking at this latest time card, you'll notice that employees are able to add notes to the time cards that they submit. We don't know what date that these notes were made. In order to change that, we can add log edits to the notes properties. To open the notes properties I'm going to right-click on the label and choose 'Edit the field properties for this field.' Once in the field properties, you'll see an option for 'log entries.' I'm getting a message telling me that it's going to uncheck the autofill property, this is only needed if you're going to be copying one record to create another most cases it's not necessary, so I'm going to go ahead and click OK. Now that the log entry section is expanded I can see the additional options. The first set of options allows me to either show the name and date on the same line as the entry. Or show the name and date on their own line. Now I prefer to keep things concise and condensed. So, I'm going to go ahead and leave it set to show name and date on the same line in order to save space. The next option allows me to either show entries on the bottom of the field or show those new entries at the top of the field. Now I actually prefer to show entries at the top of the field. So, I'm going to uncheck this box. Now there's an important reason for this when you've got a lot of notes that have been accumulating over time and someone goes to edit the field you're only going to be able to see those entries that are at the top of the field. So, by unchecking this, you ensure that those latest notes are visible on the form when editing. The next option allows you to show full names instead of usernames. Generally, this is the preference because full names are more informative than usernames. You can also show the time. So if I check this box, I'll get an additional option to show the time zone. Now again, in the essence of brevity, I'm going to leave this unchecked. Using the date alone should be enough. I'm going to go ahead and click Save. And when I save you'll notice no changes have really taken effect. The changes you made are not going to be retroactive to any of the notes in the field. However, any new notes that you add will have that date and user assigned to them. Let's take a look at what that looks like. So, here you can see that the previous notes are no longer editable. I cannot edit any of those previous notes whatsoever. When coming to the box and I can add a new note. And when I save, you'll see that that note was added to the top of the field and now includes the date as well as my name. Now, say I want to edit it again, and I'll have another new note. And I'll save. And once again, the new note is now added to the top of the field..."


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