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AMAZING New URL & Button Features in Quickbase

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Are you using URL & Rich Text Formula fields?

In the past, some of these features were only possible using Javascript.

Now, they're built into the field settings!

In this video, I demonstrate how to use 3 AMAZING new URL & button features.

What are the new URL & Button features?

  • Open target in popup (URL & URL Formulas)
  • Embed as iframe on forms (URL & URL Formulas)
  • Save Before Navigating class (Rich Text Formulas)

Key Points to Remember:

  • The popup window will default to the current window's size.
  • Not all webpages can be displayed in an iframe and other iframe settings are not accessible (such as scrollbars).
  • Use the class='SaveBeforeNavigating' in your rich text anchor tags to prompt to save the page before it navigates to the target.
  • Check the Advanced settings option to "Auto save when redirected away from the page." to bypass the save prompt.


Formula from the Rich Text field:

"<a class='Vibrant Success SaveBeforeNavigating' & href='" & [URL] & "' target='_blank'>" & [Label] &"</a>"


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