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How to add radio buttons to your forms in Quickbase

beginner forms how to Sep 26, 2018

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Surveys, quizzes, and checklists can all benefit from radio buttons. Using radio buttons decreases clicks, and speeds up completion. And if you're using them on a mobile device... it's a way better experience.

Radio buttons are a fantastic alternative to the multiple-choice dropdowns if you have any of the following:

  • Forms for surveys, quizzes, or checklists
  • Forms with lots of drop-down menus where you want to decrease clicks
  • Anywhere that it would be better to show all the field choices on the form

In this tutorial, I take you through the steps to add radio buttons to your forms. I also share a few tips and nuances about using radio buttons.

  1. Open the form where you want to display a multiple choice field as radio buttons
  2. Select the field from the form elements
  3. Click the box to display choices as radio buttons

Let's start saving some clicks!

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 See the video transcript

FROM THE TUTORIAL: "...You'll notice that each time I click into these in order to choose an option I'll have to click a second time. This can slow things down. So let's see what we can do with radio buttons. To access the option for radio buttons we'll go into customize the form. And in the form customization options, I can click on the field that has a multiple-choice option. And now you can see I've got an option to display choices as radio buttons. Let me go ahead and click that and update it for each of our choices. I'll save the changes. And now in my form you can see that each of the drop-downs have turned into radio button selections. Now radio buttons only allow for one choice and the beginning default would be none of the above. You'll notice that my age field no longer has the option to add another choice. This will always be the case when using radio buttons. It's a one-click option in order to make my selections as opposed to before when I had to have two clicks to open the menu and then choose a selection. This can make filling out forms much faster whether it's a survey or just a record with a multiple choice field. Eliminating clicks will always speed things up..."


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