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How to add radio buttons to your forms in Quickbase

beginner forms how to Sep 25, 2018

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Surveys, quizzes, and checklists can all benefit from radio buttons. Using radio buttons decreases clicks, and speeds up completion. And if you're using them on a mobile device... it's a way better experience.

Radio buttons are a fantastic alternative to the multiple-choice dropdowns if you have any of the following:

  • Forms for surveys, quizzes, or checklists
  • Forms with lots of drop-down menus where you want to decrease clicks
  • Anywhere that it would be better to show all the field choices on the form

In this tutorial, I take you through the steps to add radio buttons to your forms. I also share a few tips and nuances about using radio buttons.

  1. Open the form where you want to display a multiple choice field as radio buttons
  2. Select the field from the form elements
  3. Click the box to display choices as radio buttons

Let's start saving some clicks!





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