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Stop Auto Adding New Fields to Forms in Quickbase

beginner forms how to Sep 04, 2018

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Are you tired of your new fields automatically being added to the bottom of your Quickbase forms? Then having to go in and adjust where they should go. This one setting will save you from ever dealing with this again!

If you're working on a live version of your Quickbase, this can be even more frustrating as you have to scramble to make the updates before anyone sees the fields in the wrong place!


In this tutorial, I'll walk you through the three steps to forever changing the 'cleanup' you have to do after creating new fields.

  1. From a record, click "Customize this Form"
  2. Open the form Properties
  3. Using the drop-down, select "Do Nothing" or "Ask whether the fields should be added to this form"

Then sit back and relax!




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