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Import from Clipboard

tips & tricks Sep 05, 2023

Sometimes, I just find it easier to use Excel when I'm organizing data to add to Quickbase.

In this example, I copied some notes I had into an Excel spreadsheet so that I could organize them before adding them as records to Quickbase.

Rather than saving the file and importing the file to Quickbase, I often prefer a quicker route using the clipboard.

This is true whether I'm adding a single record or thousands of records.


  1. Prep your data in Excel (add the field names to the first row to minimize issues)
  2. Copy the data using Ctrl + C (⌘ + C if using a Mac)
  3. Navigate to the tabel where the data will be imported
  4. From the table's home page, click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner
  5. Select "Import/Export"
  6. Select "Import into a table from clipboard"
  7. Click in the big empty box and paste using Ctrl + V (⌘ + V if using a Mac)
  8. Click "Import Data..."
  9. Verify your data looks correct with the right headers and fields selected
  10. If everything looks good press "Import"

🚧 Caution: If your data has commas in it you may have issues with this import method as the comma will be treated as a delimiter and the data will be split over additional fields. If this is true for much of your data, the better option is to import from a file. If you only have a few commas you can circumvent the issue by placing quotations around the entire value for that field.