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Text formulas, HTML formulas, API button formulas, and more. This bundle will skyrocket your formula writing skills!

With the Formula Bundle, you get instant access to the courses & tools listed above, which include:

  • Online access anytime so you can learn when it's convenient for you
  • Step-by-step video demonstrations to show you EXACTLY how it's done
  • Sample datasets & practice apps to help lock in the lessons
  • Swipe files that you can easily copy formulas from
  • Cheat sheets on key topics for quick reference
  • Amazing bonus lessons that amplify your skills
  • completion certificate when you finish the course
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Quick Base Junkie Courses
Included in the Formula Bundle

Mastering the Text Formula in Quick Base - Title
HTML Formula Crash Course for Quick Base - Title
The Power of Rich Text Formulas for Custom Buttons in Quick Base - Title
Secrets of API Buttons for Quick Base - Title

Quick Base Junkie Tools
Included in the Formula Bundle

Super Fast HTML Converter Tool - Title
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