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21+ keyboard shortcuts to blaze through data entry

Jinja Date & Time Cheat Sheet for Quickbase Pipelines

21+ Time Saving Shortcuts

This handy download will help make using these keyboard shortcuts a regular habit while working in Quickbase.

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I used to work in Quickbase knowing only a few keyboard shortcuts.

After years of working in the tool, I began to gather additional shortcuts.

For example, using the spacebar or the letter n, were mind-blowing hacks I didn't know existed.

I've now gathered 21+ keyboard shortcuts for YOU to use working with different areas of Quickbase.

So check them out, blaze through your work, and take that [non-working] coffee break!

Where can you increase speed?

Cheat Sheet Feature - Today & Now

Working on Forms

Zip through your data entry with these shortcuts that keep your hands on the keyboard.

Cheat Sheet Feature - Time Zone

Date & Time Fields

Amazing shortcuts to add and adjust today's date or date/time into a field.

Cheat Sheet Feature - Date/Time to Date

Rich Text Field

Format rich text with lightning speed using an array of options.

Cheat Sheet Feature - Adjust Dates

General Text

These text shortcuts can be used in all sorts of applications to make your job easy!

Cheat Sheet Feature - Date/Time to Text

Undo / Re-do

These will help you undo and re-do actions.

Cheat Sheet Feature - Date Parts


Additional browser-based shortcuts to navigate your screen through the browser controls.

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