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Make it pop! Add a logo or image to a form in Quickbase

advanced branding cool stuff forms html incorporating images Nov 14, 2018

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Logos help drive confidence and adding a logo to a form will increase engagement. All you need to add a logo or image to a "legacy" form is a link to the image and some HTML code, that I'll show you how to write. (Note, new forms do not allow for HTML in text elements but do have a rich text component that can be used instead.)

In this video, I give you two ways to obtain an image to use on your forms plus the step-by-step on getting it right where you want it. 

If you have the following types of forms, you may benefit from adding logos or images to them.

  • Forms that customers use?
  • Forms that describe something that would benefit from having its picture on the form?
  • Forms that are printed and need a letterhead?

To make your forms pop, there are three things you'll need to do.

  1. Locate the link to your image file
  2. Add a text element with HTML enabled on your form
  3. Enter the HTML tags to display the image

With just an image file and a little HTML you can add a logo to your form in no time!




HTML/CSS Cheat Sheet for Quickbase Forms

Code from the video:

<img style="padding-bottom: 25px; margin-left: -50px;" src="https://linktoimage.png" width="250">


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