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Don't settle for default chart colors in Quickbase

adding color how to intermediate reports Jun 13, 2018

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Often the default QuickBase report colors don't match the story you're trying to tell with the data. For example "losses" may be green while, "gains" are in red. This can make interpreting the chart and taking away the right understanding more difficult than it needs to be. And even when the color and the data are telling the same story it could be a distracting element on your homepage if you're using a custom color pallet.

Align your chart colors to your data story.

  • Is there data that represents a positive or negative event?
  • Does the data have ‘null’ or ‘unknown’ items to call out?
  • Is there a particular item you want to draw the users attention to over others?

Match your chart colors to your QuickBase or company brand.

  • Have you branded your QuickBase to give it a unique look and feel?
  • Does your company (business unit, department, product line, etc) have a color pallet or brand story? 

In this short tutorial, I walk you through three things you need to change the colors on your QuickBase charts to better match your story and/or your brand.

  1. Select your chart 
  2. Open the customization tool
  3. Choose colors

When the data and the color of your charts work together to tell a story it’s a beautiful thing!





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