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Shortcut for customizing your forms in Quickbase

beginner forms how to Jun 15, 2018

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Quickly customize your forms using this simple trick. Don't bother opening the form customization settings or going through the form field settings. This shortcut is all you need to add or remove fields from your forms on the fly.

Remove unnecessary steps in customizing your forms.

  • Are there occasions when you just needed to add one new field to a form?
  • Do you have fields on your forms that aren't necessary for your users
  • Are you tired of going through multiple steps just to add a new field to the spot you want on your form?

In this short tutorial, I'll walk you through three things you need to easily add or remove fields from your forms without using the customize option. 

  1. Open a record
  2. Right-click on a field label 
  3. Add or remove fields

You'll soon find yourself using this little shortcut on a regular basis... guaranteed!

FROM THE TUTORIAL: "...I'll show you an example. I have opened the form I want to edit. This particular one is from a Quickbase I got from the app exchange. In this example, I want to add a checkbox to indicate that the project has been archived. To add the checkbox, I'll right-click on the label of the field next to where I want my new one to be. Here you can see that I can add a field before or after this one or remove the field I've selected from the form. For now, I'll choose add a field before this one. Here there is a list of fields I can choose from that are currently existing. Or if I scroll to the bottom I can create a new field..."

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