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Why you should be adding color to your reports in Quickbase

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Color coding your Quickbase report rows allows the important information to stand out. Drawing attention to critical details will save time and ignite action. Learn how to add conditional color coding to your Quickbase reports.

Make any information you want 'pop' on your table report.

  • Need to see active employees at a glance?
  • Want to highlight a task past due?
  • Desire to make out-of-stock items more obvious?

In this short tutorial, I walk you through three things you need to customize your awesome Quickbase reports using a formula to add color.

  1. Choose your report
  2. Identify the “trigger” field
  3. Write the color-code formula

After this quick tutorial, you’ll be well on your way to creating colorful and action-generating reports!

FORMULA FROM THE VIDEO: Case([Employment Status],"Active","yellow","")

Formula example for multiple colors:
Case([Employment Status],
"Terminated", "red",
"On Leave","orange",
"Not Started","blue","")

FROM THE TUTORIAL:   “The employment status field gives me the information I need to tell me whether the employee is active or has another status. With this information, I can now customize the report. The option to color code rows is located at the very bottom of this screen. Selecting color code rows using a formula will open the formula box for me to use. The formula I'm choosing to use is “Case”. This allows me to set any of the values within the employment status to a specific color…”

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