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Why you should hide fields on your forms in Quickbase

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Hiding Quickbase fields allows the important information to stand out. Remove the clutter and draw attention to the critical details. Learn how to use form rules to trigger hiding or showing information dynamically.

Make any information you want to appear or disappear.

  • Do sections of your form need to be filled after certain milestones?
  • Are some of the fields only relevant to certain users?
  • Is your form becoming a visual mess?

In this short tutorial, I walk you through three things you need to customize your amazing Quickbase forms using dynamic form rules to show or hide any information you choose.

  1. Add new fields
  2. Arrange fields on the form
  3. Enter form rule

After this quick tutorial, you’ll be able to keep your users focused on the information that's most relevant to them!

  • Hide sections that only pertain to certain types of records
  • Show additional info when 'requested'
  • Dynamically display sections based on criteria in another field

FROM THE TUTORIAL: “...Right now I have a checkbox on my form to indicate if an employee is a manager and a section showing their employees. What I would like is for that checkbox to control whether the employees' section on the form is either shown or hidden. With this information, I can now customize the form.…”

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