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Make your reports user friendly with custom column headings in Quickbase

how to intermediate reports May 31, 2018

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Managing a table with lots of fields can become difficult. Naming your fields with a common nomenclature can make it easier. For example, putting the section name in the first portion of the field name so that common fields are grouped together alphabetically. However, this can make the column heading on reports less than ideal. Address this with custom column headings.

Give your report columns user-friendly headings.

  • Does your Quickbase have field names that only a developer would understand?
  • Are any of your field names longer than 24 characters?
  • Do you need to organize your fields while maintaining report ‘readability’?

In this short tutorial, I walk you through three things you need to optimize your report column headings for your users.

  1. Select report
  2. Open ”Column Properties”
  3. Enter new column heading

The column properties is a little gem you’ll be sure to use time and time again!

FROM THE TUTORIAL: “...I won't be able to access the column properties from the table home page. So, I'll first need to open the report that I want to modify. For this example, I want to change the ‘theme_name’ heading to just say ‘themes’. Hovering over the heading, a down arrow is revealed. When expanded I can now access the column properties. I can now enter the new name for my column and click OK...”

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