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Shortcut for customizing the column order of your reports in Quickbase

beginner how to reports Jun 02, 2018
How do I change the order of my columns in Quickbase?

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Sometimes you just need to make a quick adjustment to your report. Moving columns is easy with drag & drop. No need to hassle with the customization settings.

Arrange your Quickbase columns with ease.

  • Do you need to quickly compare two columns next to one another?
  • Would your report benefit from a quick rearrangement of columns?
  • Do you want to preview your column changes in real-time?

In this short tutorial, I walk you through three things you need to quickly and easily change the column order of your QuickBase reports.

  1. Select report
  2. 'Drag' to arrange columns
  3. Save changes

This quick tip will save you time when rearranging your report columns by letting you 'preview the changes in real-time!





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