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How to copy or move a table to another app in Quickbase

applications how to intermediate tables time saving tips Oct 31, 2018

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Have you ever needed to move a table to a different app or wanted to reuse the same table structure in another app? If you have, this video will show you how – fast and easy!

Using export/import to move a table is tedious and doesn't bring over essential elements like notifications, reports, and advanced settings.

In this tutorial, you'll learn where you can:

  • Copy a table to another app
  • Create a new app with a table
  • Delete a table

In just a few steps you can easily move, copy, or delete a table:

  1. Go to the application's table settings
  2. Find the table and choose the icon on the right
  3. Follow instructions based on your selection

Presto! No more suffering through creating the same table over again or dealing with Excel export/import files.





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