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How to copy or move a table to another app in Quickbase

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Have you ever needed to move a table to a different app or wanted to reuse the same table structure in another app? If you have, this video will show you how – fast and easy!

Using export/import to move a table is tedious and doesn't bring over essential elements like notifications, reports, and advanced settings.

In this tutorial, you'll learn where you can:

  • Copy a table to another app
  • Create a new app with a table
  • Delete a table

In just a few steps you can easily move, copy, or delete a table:

  1. Go to the application's table settings
  2. Find the table and choose the icon on the right
  3. Follow instructions based on your selection

Presto! No more suffering through creating the same table over again or dealing with Excel export/import files.

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 See the video transcript

FROM THE TUTORIAL: "...For this video I'll be moving the documents table from the complete project manager app to the simple project manager app. We'll start by opening the settings then selecting the app settings. From here we can scroll down to tables and now we can see a list of all of our tables. Located near the bottom here is My Documents table. There are three different options that I can take with this table - the first allows me to copy the table, the second allows me to move the table and create a new app with that table, and the last is permanently delete the table. What we want to do is copy the table. There's an important message here at the top so I'll read that to you now: "Carry over the structure, home page, record title, forms, reports, charts, record picker settings, and Advanced Settings along with deactivated automated email, webhooks, and actions." So there's lots of things that will copy over however "no relationships or reference fields are copied. Permissions and table home page settings will need to be re-set." So while there's a lot of things that will be copied you'll need to recreate any relationships as well as any role and permission settings. So now I want to take and copy my complete project manager Documents table to the simple project manager application. Now you do need to be an admin in both of the applications in order to copy from one app to the other. I can choose a name now since I'm moving this into a new app. I don't have to worry about having the same name because it's in a different application so in this case I'll go ahead and keep it named documents. You can choose an icon just like you would if you were creating a new table and add description. There's also the option here to whether or not you want to keep your data so you can check the box to keep your data or leave it empty if you just want to copy over at the overall table structure. You do have one option for setting the roles - you can give them either no access or view access and this would be for all existing roles in the application that you're copying to.  The default here is no access to ensure that you're going in and setting up those roles properly for that particular table and those roles. Now with my option selected, I can choose to copy. A message here at the top says that it's been copied and it's brought me over to my simple project manager app and since I didn't copy any data there aren't any documents yet in that app. Going back to my complete project manager I can see that the documents table is still here. Now if you wanted to just move that documents table now would be the time to go ahead and delete it in the original app since you've copied it over into the new app. With just these few button clicks we were able to copy the entire table and its structure..."

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