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Don't Forget to Optimize with Action Buttons

Download the Action Button Toolbox
Action buttons allow you to optimize your workflows, cutting out clicks and putting information at the point of need!

In this video,...

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What are API Buttons (aka Magic Buttons)?

Learn the basics of formula buttons: Download the Action Button Toolbox
What if I told you there was a feature in Quick Base, available to you today, that could save time, prevent errors,...

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Revealing the Mysteries of Grid Edit in Quick Base

Download the FREE Grid Edit guidebook 
I probably use Grid Edit every time I'm in Quick Base, which (if I'm honest) isn't limited to Monday-Friday. Quick Base Junkie runs...

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Select Next Menu Option with API Buttons in Quick Base

 Enroll in the Secrets of API Buttons Now  What if I told you you could modify a multiple choice field without opening the record OR using Grid Edit?

And, what...

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Adding Notes to Formulas in Quick Base

Adding notes inside your Quick Base formulas can save you huge amounts of time and frustration in the future!

Notes within your formula fields will allow you to no only...

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Using Variables in Formulas in Quick Base

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If your Quick Base apps have long complex formulas, and you're not using variables, it's time to start!

Variables allow you to organize your formulas and can make...

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Automation! Schedule adding records in Quick Base

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Schedule routine tasks to be done for you automatically in Quick Base! Using automations on a schedule will change the way you work in ways you can't even imagine.

Bonus: This...

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Automation! Add child record with parent in Quick Base

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It's time to start automating those routine tasks! Using a Quick Base automation to add child records when a parent record is added will save you sooooo much time.


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Automation! Delete child with parent record in Quick Base

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Automating routine tasks just got a whole lot easier! Using a Quick Base automation to delete child records when the parent record is deleted will not only save you time, but...

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Mass update field, report, & form names (+more) in Quick Base

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Has something changed in your business that now requires numerous labels, names, and references be updated in your Quick Base apps?

Easily find & replace terms used in the...

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