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Quality Control with Custom Data Rules in Quickbase

form rules formulas how to intermediate tables Jan 27, 2020

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What is a database without data integrity! Ensure the quality of data entered into your Quickbase apps using Custom Data Rules. These rules apply no matter what form is used or even if Grid Edit is used.

In this tutorial, I walk you step-by-step how to set up custom data rules for any table in Quickbase. I break down the formula details for:

  • A single data rule
  • Multiple data rules
  • Combined data rules

Adding Custom Data Rules is simple, once you know the steps:

  1. Open the tables Advanced Settings
  2. Check the box to "Turn custom data rules on?"
  3. Enter your "If" statement formulas with the condition & message

It can feel a bit backward, so be sure to pay close attention to how those "If" statements are utilized in the Custom Data Rule formula!

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RESOURCES: Formula from the video

If(([Finish Date]<ToDate([Start Date])) and ([# of Hours Allocating]<1),"The Finish Date cannot be before the Start Date AND A minimum of 1 hour must be allocated", [Finish Date]<ToDate([Start Date]),"The Finish Date cannot be before the Start Date", [# of Hours Allocating]<1,"A minimum of 1 hour must be allocated")


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