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Revealing the Mysteries of Grid Edit in Quickbase

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I probably use Grid Edit every time I'm in Quickbase, which (if I'm honest) isn't limited to Monday-Friday. Quick Base Junkie runs on Quickbase... go figure!

And Grid Edit helps me to:

  • Add contacts to my CRM app
  • Add details to my development & consulting time logs
  • Quickly update the status & add notes on client leads
  • Keep tabs on the reconciliation of financial records
  • Add titles, URLs, and other details to my content management app
  • Track progress towards subscriber & follower goals

Using Grid Edit, as often as I do, led me to discover how to best leverage it to achieve my objectives.

In this tutorial, I share a few of the many tips I've documented in a PDF download I like to refer to as The Ultimate Grid Edit Guidebook.

Jump ahead to these sections:
0:42 Grid Edit Shortcuts
6:12 Data Entry Optimization
10:05 Working Around Form Settings & Rules
15:06 Managing Access

Wow, wow, wow! Using Grid Edit will never be the same!

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FROM THE TUTORIAL: "...when we're in Grid Edit…did you know that you can click on these columns and even right-click on the columns to reveal hidden menus?  This is also true for our rows; if I click in this white space over here, sometimes it's a little hard to get to, but you can select an entire row and then right-click in that space and reveal the hidden menu this allows you to insert rows, delete entire records, go in and edit the record, as well as display the record.  Say I want to move all of these same ones into planning. I just simply choose the first, drag down or hold down that shift key and then hit command+D or ctrl+D so it updated those records … that is an awesome shortcut!  I use ctrl+D all the time!  You can even do it when you're adding new records …click this new task or new record whatever your records are called up here on the top left and it will jump me to the very bottom of my report.  Here's where the magic comes in: if I highlight the whole record, I'm going to right click and you'll see again the option to edit this task, and the option to display this task if I click on these directly. It's gonna do the exact same thing as clicking on the pencil or the eyeball but if I instead right-click, it's gonna give me the option to open in a new.  If I click this, it will open a new tab with that record in either edit or display mode whichever I've selected and then I can see or do what I need to do without losing my place in Grid Edit. I love this shortcut!  It's really super super hidden … so instead what would be super easy and super fast would be if I could modify this in Grid Edit way without having to do any other steps.  I'll simply jump in to customize this form, find where I have that report… and I'm going to click this little box here that makes it editable … sometimes we can get really tripped up with form rules because form rules will only apply to the form that has the rules…let's just take a peek at this form on the form itself.   I've got multiple required-fields now, these are only required on the form … so how do we make sure that we're still complying with those requirements?  To do that I'm going to need to access the secret or semi-secret menu where I can choose how I want Grid Edit to work.  I'll show you where that's at.  We're gonna jump into our settings and into our forms.  This is the last place I would have looked for Grid Edit settings but it's here in the forms.  Now when I only have one form you don't get to unlock these additional options but as soon as I add a new form I'm just gonna click OK and save.  I literally just need a second form that allows me now to unlock additional features … forcing all of those multi-record options to be disabled across the entire table or in this case across the entire application for that role.  If you want to get more precision with whether or not certain tables or forms or reports are able to be added to or modified from Grid Edit, we can do that with the settings we were looking at before on the table for the forms.  I've enjoyed sharing all of these tips with you but there are so so many more in the ultimate Grid Edit guidebook..."


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