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Revealing the Mysteries of Grid Edit in Quickbase

beginner cool stuff form rules forms how to intermediate reports roles time saving tips Jan 29, 2020

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I probably use Grid Edit every time I'm in Quickbase, which (if I'm honest) isn't limited to Monday-Friday. Quick Base Junkie runs on Quickbase... go figure!

And Grid Edit helps me to:

  • Add contacts to my CRM app
  • Add details to my development & consulting time logs
  • Quickly update the status & add notes on client leads
  • Keep tabs on the reconciliation of financial records
  • Add titles, URLs, and other details to my content management app
  • Track progress towards subscriber & follower goals

Using Grid Edit, as often as I do, led me to discover how to best leverage it to achieve my objectives.

In this tutorial, I share a few of the many tips I've documented in a PDF download I like to refer to as The Ultimate Grid Edit Guidebook.

Jump ahead to these sections:
0:42 Grid Edit Shortcuts
6:12 Data Entry Optimization
10:05 Working Around Form Settings & Rules
15:06 Managing Access

Wow, wow, wow! Using Grid Edit will never be the same!

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