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Give your form text 'style' using simple HTML in Quickbase

adding color advanced cool stuff forms html Nov 27, 2018

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>> FREE Download: HTML/CSS Cheat Sheet for Quickbase Forms <<

Use simple HTML text formatting to alert, inform, or organize information on your forms. In this tutorial, I walk you through 6 different style options, 7 examples using combinations of these styles, and two additional ways to use formatted text on a "legacy" form (new forms do not allow for HTML in text elements, but do have a rich text component that can be used instead).

If you've ever wanted to do any of the following, now you can!

  • Change the font size
  • Add color to the font
  • Highlight important text
  • Underline a key point
  • Place a box around the form instructions
  • Format headers for columns of information
  • Change the font used for field labels

With this tutorial, learn how to easily add style to your Quickbase forms. There are three steps to adding HTML text formatting to your forms:

  1. Add a text element to your form
  2. Enter the HTML code using the Cheat Sheet below
  3. Check the HTML checkbox

Time to bring your forms alive with formatted text. Get the HTML Cheat Sheet to do all this and more!




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