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Create personal reports & notifications in Quickbase

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You can set up your own reports, notifications, and reminders to stay informed on what's important to you. While not everyone will have access to these options it's good to know how to use them if you do.

Personal reports and notifications help clear the clutter for others and keep you on top of what you care about most!

  • Want to follow what changes are being made to a specific record?
  • Would it be helpful to get an email when your name is mentioned in a notes field?
  • Tired of always filtering someone else's report for the view you need?

To access your personal reports and notifications follow these three steps:

  1. Open the drop-down in the upper-right corner next to your name
  2. Select 'My personal settings in this app'
  3. Choose to create either a new report or notification/subscription

Just remember personal doesn't mean private. App admins can still view and access your personal reports and notifications.

I've also included where admins can manage all reports & notifications including personal ones.


FROM THE TUTORIAL: "…I'll show you how to create reports just for yourself and how to set up your very own notifications that you can use when records are added, deleted, or modified. It doesn't matter if you're the app admin or just a user, having personal reports and notifications can make life easier. For this demonstration, I'm using an app from the app exchange called the simple project manager and I'm in a non-admin role. To access your personal settings for an app you'll go into the upper right-hand corner and click on that arrow next to your name. You can choose the My Personal Settings for this app; here you can choose to add a new notification or subscription or go into the reports. Let's start with adding a new notification. I'll choose the table and select notification. You'll notice the permission type here is set to recipient, which means me, I'll be the recipient of this email. If you're in an admin role, or perhaps another role, you might see other options here beyond simply sending the notification to yourself. We'll give the notification a name and then I want to choose when a task is modified or added. I'll add some additional criteria for when the notes field changes I want to know anytime anyone adds my name to a note. So, I'll choose the notes and put in my name…now every time my name appears in the notes sections I'll get an email about it. Let's take a look at the reports. I'll add a new personal report, also to the tasks table, and hit create. I'll give the report a name and scrolling down can see that the report is viewable only by me, so unless I'm an admin or have shared this link with others I'm the only one who can see it. Now if you are an admin or perhaps have other settings you may be able to select who can see the report. I'll scroll down to their filters, we’ll add a similar filter here for the notes field and I'll click save. It's now taking me to the report that I just created. In the Reports and Charts section, I can see a new category called mine, with my new Sharon's personal report included in it. Any personal reports I create will show up…using the new button in this menu will also allow you to create a report, and depending on your role save it as common or personal…I mentioned a number of times that some things depend on what role you're in for the app. The same is true for even accessing these settings so if you can't access the personal settings or save a report it's probably because the role you're in doesn't allow it. Also, Personal doesn't mean private - admins will have access to view, change, or delete these reports and notifications. If you are an admin you can find all reports and notifications including those personal ones in the app management settings, under manage app contents…”


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