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Use Pipelines to email a .csv file in Quickbase

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If you're not yet using Pipelines... you'll want to be after this video!

Quickbase recently launched a brand new automation functionality called Pipelines.

Watch as I demonstrate how to build & schedule a Quickbase pipeline workflow.

Pipelines Tutorial:

πŸ’₯ Searches for filtered record data on a Quickbase table
πŸ’₯ Populates the results of the search as rows in a .csv file
πŸ’₯ Downloads the .csv file as a URL
πŸ’₯ Stores the URL to the .csv file in a Quickbase table
πŸ’₯ Emails a link to the .csv file for use outside of Quickbase

In this training, I walk you through the basic steps for creating this pipeline.

For the full Pipeline exercise, visit https://quickbasejunkie.com/pipelinescsv

Pipeline Exercise Overview:

  1. Obtain Access to Pipelines
  2. Download & Setup the App
  3. Build the Email CSV File Pipeline
  4. Test the Pipeline
  5. Add a Schedule Enjoy building some awesome Pipelines!


Did you know Quick Base Junkie has online training programs?
Topics include Relationships, Formulas, HTML, Jinja, APIs, and MORE! 


Want to get more from your Pipelines?

Allow me to introduce you to Jinja!

Jinja is the programming language of Pipelines that allows you to write some pretty awesome formulas directly in the pipeline. No more 'helper' fields needed.

Learning Jinja can be challenging.

After all, it is a programming language and the resources are often written for, well, programmers.

That's why I created the Intro to Jinja for Pipelines course, a self-paced, online course that breaks down what Jinja is, how to use it, and includes step-by-step demonstrations.

For more information on Jinja see my What is Jinja post, or skip right to the good stuff and get the Intro to Jinja for Pipelines course today!



0:20 How to tell if you have access to Pipelines
0:27 Details on the App from the App Exchange
0:50 Overview of the step-by-step written instructions
1:22 How to create a Pipeline from the dashboard
1:41 How to Define a Bucket Table
3:45 How to Search (or Query) Quickbase Records
5:22 How to Add a Row to a Bucket Table
7:14 How to Download Bucket Table CSV file
7:47 First Test Run of the Pipeline
9:23 How to Create a Record in Quickbase with a Pipeline
11:40 How to set up a Notification for the .csv URL
12:17 Second Test Run of the Pipeline
12:58 Test Run Verification
14:02 How to Schedule a Pipeline
14:53 Schedule Trigger Verification
15:28 Grab the step-by-step written instructions


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