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Wow you can do that with a rich text field in Quickbase!

adding color beginner cool stuff fields how to incorporating images intermediate Jul 19, 2018

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Format text, add pictures, create tables all using rich text fields. Enriching your text with formatting and images increases user engagement. Released in late 2017 this new field type can do what previously was only achievable with complex HTML.

There is so much you can do with rich text fields! 

  • Do you dream of having colored, highlighted, bold, italicized text?
  • Do you want to add images to your text fields?
  • Do you need to organize your text in neat columns or tables?

In this tutorial, you'll learn the features of the rich text field type. I'll include some tips on adding images and how to view/edit the HTML that makes it possible.

There are three main steps this tutorial will cover:

  1. Create your field
  2. Format your text
  3. Add your images, tables, and more

Let the enriching begin!




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