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Visualize your workflows with Kanban reports in Quickbase

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They're here! Kanban boards are now in Quickbase. Kanban is a way of visualizing the progression of work through a system. Visual systems draw focus on what's important, help drive action, and increase engagement. If you've found Kanban cards useful in tools like Trello or Jira, get ready to take them to the next level with the power and flexibility of Quickbase!

Are you tracking any of these processes with your Quickbase?

  • Programs or projects from Not Started to Completed
  • Sales leads from Inquiry to Conversion
  • Recruitment from Awareness to Hire
  • Manufacturing from Raw Materials to Finished Product
  • Software development from Ideation to Shippable Code
  • Tech support tickets from Open to Closed
  • The list goes on...

If you are, you could benefit by adding Kanban reports to your Quickbase!

This brief tutorial will walk you through creating a Kanban report, adding color to the Kanban cards, and adding the Kanban report to a form. To get started there are three key steps.

  1. Create the Kanban report
  2. Select the 'phase' field
  3. Choose the fields, filters, color, etc.

Let's start harnessing the power of visualization through Kanban reports!


App used: Complete Project Manager from the Quickbase App Exchange

Color-code cards formula used in the tutorial:

"Not Started","gray",

FROM THE TUTORIAL: "...For this video, I'm using a Quickbase from the Quickbase App Exchange called the Complete Project Manager. Now to show you how Kanbans work, I'm going to use our task table. The new Kanban feature is actually a type of report. So, I'm going to open reports and create a new report using Kanban. For this report, we'll need to choose a field that is a multiple-choice type field. In this case, there are only three options. I'm going to use the 'Project Phase.' Now, these are the various phases of the project which lends well to the Kanban format. You can use up to ten different phases. In this case, there are fewer than ten, but I don't want the blank phase to show. Anything with no phase selected. So, I'm just going to choose each of the phases that are not blank. And then, I can include up to three different fields to include on the Kanban card itself. So, I'm going to go ahead and change this and choose some custom fields. Alright, I'm going to go ahead and start there and display this and see how it looks..."

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