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Shortcut for filtering reports with OR and AND in Quick Base

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Did you know you can use Boolean terms OR and AND in your QuickBase filters and search? Optimize your filters with these simple search operators. For example, a Boolean search could be 'San Francisco' AND 'Open'. This would limit search results to only those containing the two keywords.

Get more relevant results when you use OR and AND in your filter or search criteria.

  • Need to quickly search your table for specific records? 
  • Want to filter your reports while minimizing the number and complexity of criteria used?
  • Would using Boolean search operators make your life easier? 

In this short tutorial, I'll walk you through the three things you need to easily and quickly filter using Boolean terms.

  1. Customize report
  2. Select field
  3. Enter filter conditions

Make sure to use the capital OR or AND when entering your criteria. And don't forget that you can string together multiple operators as needed.

FROM THE VIDEO: "...Let's go through a few examples using the Complete Order Manager QuickBase from the app exchange. I'm going to open my activities report. I want to display only the activities that indicate that a customer contacted us. Using the customizes report settings, I can add a new filter. I'll filter to the activity type that contains the values either 'receipt' OR (capital 'OR') 'inbound'. These are the two ways that customers contact us that we record on our activities displaying my report. I can see all the activities with a customer contacted us. For another example, I'll switch over to our Products table..."

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