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Why it's important to hide your tables in Quickbase!

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It isn't necessary to display all of your Quickbase tables on the table bar at all times. It can confuse navigation and cause unnecessary interaction.

Learn the reasons why you would hide tables in the navigation bar from your users and how to do it.

You should be hiding your Quickbase tables if:

  • You have tables that are purely administrative.
  • Some user roles do not need access to specific tables.
  • You want to minimize navigation outside of a specified workflow.
  • You need to create a new table on your production Quickbase that will take some time to complete.

There are two ways to hide your tables. The first approach has less flexibility, so I'll only briefly touch on it. The second is highly customizable. For this tutorial, I'll share the three things you'll need for that approach. 

  1. Identify who has access
  2. Open Role settings
  3. Select tables to Hide in Table Bar

When using this technique, please be cautious when creating new tables as the default role settings for the table may not be what you expect. 

Now it's time to streamline your table bar!

When finished, check out Why the order of your tables matters in Quickbase to ensure you've logically ordered your tables.

FROM THE TUTORIAL: “...Let's take that same example of documents but also add tasks. As an example, if you want all of your users to only access or create tasks related to a project. Hiding the task table in the menu bar can create that navigation that forces them to go through the project's table in order to access or create tasks. This can minimize any task orphans being created that don't have a parent project. So, let's go into the roles. In this example, I just want to have the team members with those settings for both the documents as well as the tasks table. Opening their role, I'll choose the user interface and in the first column here you can see "hide in table bar." So I'm going to choose to "hide in the table bar" both the tasks the documents..."

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