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Why the order of your tables matters in Quickbase

how to intermediate tables Jun 06, 2018

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Building a QuickBase isn't always a linear process. This can result in your tables being misaligned with how your users engage with the application. For example, you may have created a table for Projects before deciding you also wanted to associate them with larger business Initiatives. Meanwhile also creating additional tables for Documents and Resources. You'd prefer to have the order be: Initiatives, Programs, Resources, and then Documents.

Order your tables with your workflow.

  • Does your QuickBase have tables that are used less frequently than others?
  • Is your first table the one you want users engaging with the most?
  • Are your tables in a logical workflow order?

In this short tutorial, I walk you through three things you need to reorder your Quickbase tables. It isn’t as obvious as it seems, but it is super simple once you know where to go.

  1. Open the app settings
  2. Select “Tables”
  3. Drag up/down to reorder

Get ready to maximize your Quickbase efficiency!

FROM THE TUTORIAL: “...I'll start on the home page and open settings. From here I can choose tables. This is where I can drag and drop my tables into the order I want them to be. So, for this example, I would like cost first followed by positions. Now I can click and drag, and you can see the indicator as I move, costs from the bottom to the top. I'll then remove positions behind costs. No need to save your changes here they're all automatically saved...”

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