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Heading to Empower 2018
(Time to Strategize)

empower Jun 05, 2018

I'm super excited to share that I'll be heading to my first Quickbase User Conference this year. The name of the conference is Empower – what an inspiring name!

The Empower conference is being held in Austin, TX in early June. The conference brings together users, trainers, and vendors alike.

Per the Empower 2018 website I can expect "Fifty unique breakout sessions focused on technical skills, process improvement, and business growth, presented by Quickbase staff, users and partners."

But here's the problem... I can only attend 8 sessions since they'll all be running in concurrent blocks! With so many great options to choose from, I'm going to need a strategy. 

Quick Base Junkie's Empower 2018 Strategy

  1. Meet awesome people, just like you!
  2. Learn new and unique ways to leverage native capabilities to solve business problems, so I can share them on quickbasejunkie.com.
  3. Gather insights into what people really want out of their Quickbase experience, so I can better serve.

That sums it up for me. What is your strategy?

With my strategy in mind, below are the sessions that excite me the most. Although, to be honest, they all look pretty impressive. Click the title below to expand the details. Note the content in the section below was obtained from the Empower 2018 website. 

.I Incorporating Email And Text Messages Into Your Quickbase Workflow

Emailing and texting are critical activities for communicating effectively with your clients and business partners. Integrating these forms of messaging into your Quickbase applications can improve the workflow within your organization's business processes. In our session, we will explore enhanced options for receiving emails and texts and processing the data contained within them or attached to them. We will also demonstrate various options for sending emails and texts out of your applications. You will see actual real-world examples of how you can implement effective messaging in your Quickbase apps.

.Wire Framing: The Surefire Way To Great Application Design

Ever rolled out an app quickly and found that it wasn’t quite right? In this session, you’ll learn how to plan and visualize your app and design it with the end goal in mind using a tried and true process that works for any business problem. You’ll come away with the means to facilitate long-term success by identifying how data should flow through the system from start to finish, resulting in a faster, stronger, and more effective app.

.The Accidental Admin Playbook

What do you do when you suddenly find yourself in charge of your company’s Quickbase operations? In this session, we’ll help you lay out a plan for your first 90 days that covers everything you need to succeed-from managing your Quickbase account, to understanding an application you didn’t build, to deciding if apps need updating. Whether you’re new to Quickbase or want to know more about how to onboard additional admins to your teams, this presentation is for you.

.Integrate Processes Across Your App Ecosystem Using Quickbase Automations & Sync (2 hr)

Want to build an ecosystem of inter-dependent apps without using cross-app relationships? In this two-hour workshop you’ll learn how, using our latest capability Quickbase Automations, as well as Quickbase Sync. By the end of the session, you’ll be able to create a master data set with Sync and build workflows across applications with Automations. You’ll also learn strategies for reducing manual processes across your app ecosystem with these powerful tools.

.Build Better Apps For Your End Users

Do your users complain that it takes too many clicks to put information at their fingertips or get things done? If yes, this session on driving a great app experience and higher user productivity is for you. We’ll share best practices and favorite tips and tricks for deeply personalizing your team members’ Quickbase experiences and fine-tuning their workflows. We’ll also take your questions and build out some custom solutions in this dynamic class.

.Magic Quickbase Examples (2 hr)

Yes, you can do anything with Quickbase. Most times all you need is an example to start. Let’s look at over 200 handy must-have Quickbase examples and 18 specialty applications use-cases. We’ll explore how the applications tick, where to find them and how to apply them to your apps. When we are done you’ll have a treasure trove of useful examples you can use to add value to your Quickbase Apps. This is real stuff you can use every day.

.SMB Town Hall - Celebrating SMB Success!

Small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) are harnessing the power of the cloud and Quickbase to drive transformation and faster growth than ever. Come celebrate your successes and hear from 4 SMB panelists who will be sharing insights on how they are able to improve productivity, drive better business results, and ultimately became heroes of their organizations.

.Enhance Your Quickbase App Using Dynamic HTML

Want to learn how to help your users better understand workflow and data relationships while saving screen real estate? In this forum you’ll learn how to construct dynamic HTML elements on your Quickbase forms and reports; create elements that change color and function based on context, and explore advanced Quickbase formula techniques. Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is helpful for this session.

.App Aesthetics: Why Design Matters And Where To Actively Consider

Building an app from scratch that is intended for daily use is no small feat, and all too often, designing a fluid end-user experience is an afterthought that can become a barrier to adoption. In this session, you’ll explore a native design-centric approach that will provide fuel for thought for building a Quickbase app that is both helpful and elegant – making it easier for users to extract immediate value while transforming the way they work.

.Solution Value Assessment: Quantify And Magnify The Impact

How would you describe Quickbase’s usage and value to your company if asked today? How do you uncover inefficiencies and unproductive work in your organization and quantify their impact on your business? Where would you go for best practices, idea generation, support or training internally to help roll out the next app on the Quickbase platform? Quickbase’s Solution Value Assessment is a new advisory service designed to help our enterprise customers take a holistic approach towards accelerating their business goals. The service helps structure, plan and facilitate company-wide collaboration to empower those closest to the business to identify key problems, innovate solutions, and be the champions of positive change. Come learn more about the service and how we can partner with you to further your business objectives!

.Customer Panel: Exponentially Increase Performance With Quickbase

Join a discussion with a panel of business leaders as they detail how they have exponentially increased business performance with Quickbase. This session will enable you to learn strategies for measuring business impact and ROI, managing organizational change, driving adoption and identifying the right priorities for using Quickbase across your business.

.Introduction To The Quickbase API

Familiar with scripting but new to the Quickbase API? Maybe you are a Quickbase power user and want to use integration platforms to take your Quickbase applications to the next level without writing code. In this session, you will learn about the value of the Quickbase API and how to get started. We will also cover some common use cases with live samples. Continuing this session will be Advanced Quickbase API Tips, Tricks & Techniques.

.How Quickbase Can Save Your Strategy

Familiar with scripting but new to the Quickbase API? Maybe you are a Quickbase power user and want to use integration platforms to take your Quickbase applications to the next level without writing code. In this session, you will learn about the value of the Quickbase API and how to get started. We will also cover some common use cases with live samples. Continuing this session will be Advanced Quickbase API Tips, Tricks & Techniques.

.Extending Quickbase: Our Native No-Code Mobile App Strategy

Do you have a need to extend the reach and uses of Quickbase apps by building native mobile apps to streamline how your workers in the field, in warehouses, or in remote locations across an organization carry out their everyday tasks? Learn about Quickbase’s strategy for delivering a no-code native mobile app building capability and provide your input into our roadmap.

.Advanced Quickbase API Tips, Tricks & Techniques

Whether you are just learning the Quickbase API from the session ‘Introduction to the Quickbase API’, or you have years of experience, this session will provide you with some new tools and best practices to maintain high levels of efficiency, security, and performance when using the Quickbase API in your solutions.

.Quick-Basics Of Program Management
What’s it like to rely on Quickbase as the source of record for all participants, program details, and logistical information to execute high-quality programs, courses, and experiences? Join Adam Krueger from the Global Experience Office at the Harvard Business School and get an inside look at how they are using Quickbase for their tools program and data management. Learn about best practices and avoiding pitfalls of app over-customization along the way.

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Alright, so you may have noticed a few more than 8 sessions. Seriously I feel like a kid in a candy store. Make that a chocolate candy store, and I can only get 8 pieces of the most amazing chocolate. It's going to be tough to narrow, but I'm hoping that I can gain some insights at the kick-off party.

The one session I know for sure I will NOT be attending is the Quickbase App Builder Certification Prep and Exam. Why you ask? Because I recently passed the exam! Whoo Hoo! Are you thinking of taking it yourself? If so, make sure to check out my 3 Certification Learnings on the Quickbase Junkie blog.

Whether you're a seasoned app builder or a newbie, the Empower Quickbase User conference is sure to be an amazing experience. If you can't make it this year, be sure to check out my post-event blog post for all the sweet nuggets of knowledge I'll be sharing.


See you at Empower!

The Quick Base Junkie

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