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Heading to Empower 2018
(Time to Strategize)

empower quickbase builder Jun 04, 2018

I'm super excited to share that I'll be heading to my first Quickbase User Conference this year. The name of the conference is Empower – what an inspiring name!

The Empower conference is being held in Austin, TX in early June. The conference brings together users, trainers, and vendors alike.

Per the Empower 2018 website I can expect "Fifty unique breakout sessions focused on technical skills, process improvement, and business growth, presented by Quickbase staff, users and partners."

But here's the problem... I can only attend 8 sessions since they'll all be running in concurrent blocks! With so many great options to choose from, I'm going to need a strategy. 


Quick Base Junkie's Empower 2018 Strategy

  1. Meet awesome people, just like you!
  2. Learn new and unique ways to leverage native capabilities to solve business problems, so I can share them on
  3. Gather insights into what people really want out of their Quickbase experience, so I can better serve.

That sums it up for me. What is your strategy?

With my strategy in mind, below are the sessions that excite me the most. Although, to be honest, they all look pretty impressive. Click the title below to expand the details. Note the content in the section below was obtained from the Empower 2018 website. 

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Alright, so you may have noticed a few more than 8 sessions. Seriously I feel like a kid in a candy store. Make that a chocolate candy store, and I can only get 8 pieces of the most amazing chocolate. It's going to be tough to narrow, but I'm hoping that I can gain some insights at the kick-off party.

The one session I know for sure I will NOT be attending is the Quickbase App Builder Certification Prep and Exam. Why you ask? Because I recently passed the exam! Whoo Hoo! Are you thinking of taking it yourself? If so, make sure to check out my 3 Certification Learnings on the Quickbase Junkie blog.

Whether you're a seasoned app builder or a newbie, the Empower Quickbase User conference is sure to be an amazing experience. If you can't make it this year, be sure to check out my post-event blog post for all the sweet nuggets of knowledge I'll be sharing.

See you at Empower!




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