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Using Variables in Formulas in Quickbase

advanced api formulas how to intermediate time saving tips Nov 17, 2019

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If your Quickbase apps have long complex formulas, and you're not using variables, it's time to start!

Variables allow you to organize your formulas and can make troubleshooting easier if you come across an error.

A variable represents a piece of your formula that has been defined separate from the main formula and can be referenced using a short piece of text.

Using variables can be broken down into two parts:

  • Defining a variable
  • Calling a variable

This tutorial is a sneak peek into a lesson in the Secrets of API Buttons training where I walk you through how to use variables as part of your formulas. Variables are particularly helpful when creating API button or ANY long formula.

It is one of many lessons I walk you through, step-by-step, the scenario, setup, formula, and live demonstration of a Quickbase API Button in ACTION (not to mention all the training and resources to build your own API buttons from scratch)!!

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