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My #1 Formula Shortcut for Quickbase

tips & tricks Aug 17, 2023

When I first saw this tip I couldn't believe my eyes πŸ‘€

It has literally changed the way I write formulas and in the process made me much more efficient!

Using a simple Ctrl + click in multiple locations, I can place multiple instances of my cursor throughout the formula. 😲

(Mac users will use ⌘ + click)

Now, anywhere I have repeating text I can simultaneously type, edit, or delete in mass. πŸ’£πŸ’₯

In the video, I show how this works wonders on long formulas.

I especially find it helpful when I need to comment out (or un-comment) a large piece of the formula.

I hope you find this formula as useful as I have and kudos to Ryan Murray @ Quickbase for originally sharing this tip!

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What Quickbase Developers Say About Mastering the Text Formula


Clear and detailed. Your course was fantastic.
—Mike B.



This was a super helpful easy to follow course. I especially appreciate the real world examples after learning the formulas to see how to apply them.
—Kristina H.



Great knowledge, will definitely refer back to these formula examples.
—Rob P.



Very in depth!
—Brenda Z.



This is a great overview of text formulas. If you had done some work with text formulas, this may not be anything very new, but, you can always take little nuggets of tricks that you can use. Still worth going through it, even at 1.5x speed :)
—George K.



Sharon completely explains and uses functions throughout this class. It is amazing how much you will learn to expand the functionality of your quickbase applications!
—Myra C.



Great refresher course and check out the use case example section
—Robertson R.



Excellent course! I was unsure about how to successfully use text formulas, but now I am confident in my ability to manage and enhance my Quickbase Apps as needed.
—Allan H.

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