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Sharon's Big End of Year Announcement for Quick Base Junkie

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Don't waste what's left in your training budget... put it to GOOD use with a Quick Base Junkie course! If you've wanted to take a Quick Base Junkie course NOW is the time to do...

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Time Tracking with API Buttons in Quick Base

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Adding stopwatch like time tracking functionality to your Quick Base can be a game changer!

You can use Quick Base to track...

Time on projects
Time on jobs
Time on tasks
Time on...

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Go to Records with URL Buttons in Quick Base

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Did you know you can use the URL-Formula field as a button to navigate through your Quick Base?

I know right!

Using the Formula-URL field as a button on your forms to "go to"...

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URL Formula Button Setup in Quick Base

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Make your URL-Formula fields look like buttons!

Buttons drive action in a way that hyperlinks just can't do. [Must press button...]

Lucky for us, Quick Base makes it easy,...

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Voting Example with API Buttons in Quick Base

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You can use voting for all sorts of fun stuff in Quick Base.

It's kinda like having your own thumbs up or thumbs down for any record in your app.

In the Secrets of API...

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