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Want to make your text stand out? Add color in Quickbase!

adding color advanced cool stuff formulas how to html Feb 12, 2019

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Adding color to the text on Quickbase reports and forms will help the important information stand out! Coloring either the background, the text itself, or both is a sure fire way of grabbing attention.

Do you need to make your form or report text stand out?

If you're looking to do any of the following, you are in the right place!

  • Add colored text
  • Add color to the text background (aka highlighting text)
  • Combine unformatted text with colored text and/or text with a colored background

This training will show you how to add color using the Rich Text Formula field and a little bit of HTML code. There are three main steps to adding beautiful colors to your Quickbase records:

  1. Create a Rich Text Formula Field
  2. Enter text or field references to be colored
  3. Add the HTML span tag with the style element for formatting the text color or background

Three cheers for colored text! Hip Hip Hooray!

For even more eye-popping tips download the free HTML/CSS Cheat Sheet for forms. 

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Through numerous examples, demonstrations, and exercises, you'll be able to harness a valuable new skill set. (Not to mention the enormous value you'll add to your apps.)

Learn more about the HTML Formula Crash Course or the HTML Course Bundle.


Basic format


"<span style='background: #000000'>Text</span>"


"<span style='color: #000000'>Text</span>"


"<span style='background: #000000; color: #00000'>Text</span>"

Format with field reference for text


"<span style='background: #000000'> " & [Field Name] & "</span>"

Format with field reference for color


"<span style='background: #" & [Color] & "'> " & [Field Name] & "</span>"




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