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Banish the Boring! Add branding to your apps in Quickbase

adding color applications branding how to incorporating images intermediate Feb 19, 2019

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If your apps all still have the purple Quickbase header you're missing out!

Branding each of your apps with custom names, colors, and icons will help users differentiate which app they're in at any given moment – saving confusion, errors, and time! Plus, it's a lot of fun.

There is a multitude of reasons to use App Branding, such as:

  • Update the branding to match that of your company, department, or fun initiative
  • Add hyperlinks to the text or icons used in the header or footer for quick navigation
  • Use branding to differentiate apps with different functions
  • Use color to differentiate Production vs. Test apps (this one can be a lifesaver!)

In this training, I will show you how I branded one of my own Quickbase Applications!

All it takes is three easy steps:

  1. Open Branding from the App Settings
  2. Check the box to "Customize app header & footer" and choose Basic
  3. Enter the desired left/right elements (and hyperlinks) along with text/background color choices

Come up with a fun app name and/or beautiful branding? Share it on social and tag @QuickBaseJunkie with hashtag #QBJunkieBranding

For even more eye-popping tips download the HTML/CSS Cheat Sheet for forms.

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