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Mass update field, report, & form names (+more) in Quickbase

applications how to intermediate time saving tips Feb 05, 2019

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Has something changed in your business that now requires numerous labels, names, and references to be updated in your Quickbase apps?

Easily find & replace terms used in the app structure (not in the data), such as field names, report headings, form labels, field properties, form properties, and more.

Org structures are changing, the latest buzzwords replace the old, and new methodologies are adopted. Often this also means updating our Quickbase apps to reflect the latest and greatest.

Are you experiencing any of these changes:

  • The name of your business unit
  • A department's name
  • How you refer to tasks, notes, documents, or other times tracked in a Quickbase
  • Process or methodology updates (Agile, Lean, Six Sigma, etc.)

This short training will teach you how to use "Search & Replace in Schema" in the App Management settings to save you a bunch of time!

There are three main steps to using this feature:

  1. Open the App Management options & select Search & Replace in Schema
  2. Enter the term you wish to replace and click Search
  3. Review the list and uncheck any items not to be changed then enter the new term & click Replace

Time for the happy time savings dance!

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