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2 Ways to adjust dates in Pipelines using Jinja

advanced intermediate jinja pipelines Jun 09, 2021

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Relative dates are used all the time, so why not use them in Pipelines!

For example, add a task to a project that has a due date of 2 days from the project start date.

Or set a next payment due date for the first of the month following receipt of this month's payment.

Or maybe you just need to set the end time for a meeting 1 hour after the start.

By adding Jinja to your Pipeline, you can take an initial date or date/time value and derive a new 'adjusted' time value.

With 2 Jinja functions, it's possible to...

  • Add or subtract days, months, or years from today
  • Add or subtract days, months, or years from another date
  • Add or subtract hours, minutes, or seconds from any date/time
  • Replace one or more values in a date with a specific month, day, or year
  • Replace one or more values in a time with a specific hour, minute or second


The Jinja Functions

Used to offset a date/time value by a specified amount of time, such as hours, days, or months.


Replaces the day, month, or year in a date value or hour, minute, and second in a date/time value.

A Few Examples

Add 3 hours to the Current Time

{{ + }}

With an adjustment for timezone:
{{ (|timezone('America/New_York')) + }}

Add 3 days to a Start Date field from step A in the Pipeline

{{ a.start_date + }}

Adjusting for both days and months:
{{ a.start_date +,days=3) }}

Add 1 month to a Due Date field and set the date to the 1st

{{ a.due_date.replace(day=1) + }}

Be sure to watch the video for more examples and tips.

These date/time adjustments are sure to come in handy!

Don't forget, there are 6 different areas where Jinja and these adjusted dates/times can be used in Pipelines (covered in the Jinja Date & Time Cheat Sheet).




For more information on Jinja see the resources below, or skip right to the good stuff and get the Intro to Jinja for Pipelines course today!


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